More than a hobby

///More than a hobby

More than a hobby

Everything began when Janka was born. My cousin called me and asked if I could make a blanket for his daughter. He wanted to make a surprise to his wife and his baby also. I started to gain the materials I had at home and made this fluffy blanket with the baby’s name on it:


Janka loved to slepp with her new blanket. My colleagues saw this picture and thought to make a similar gift to tha newborn babies in family or among friends. So they asked me to make some more.This is how Dániel


and Nóra recieved one.


Than an ex classmate found me through the internet and asked me to make two blankets: one for her daughter and one for her friends’. She had a concrete idea how should the blanket look like, so we got on with the work easily. Lara shortly got her blanket:


Anna recieved this model:


Fortunately a baby was born in the family too, so I made him this gift


with this ded ptotector with our team’s logo .


Lately I gave my friend a kind dragon, being a gift to her son, Magor.


Actually I counted only those works which had photo. Sometimes I am so excited to work, that I forget to make pictures.

In the meantime I realized that this means to me more than a hobby, is real passion!